Frequently Asked Questions

If you're unsure of how to search the site for recipes or use the automated meal planner, this is the place to be. Additionally if your question isn't answered here, please do submit your question using the left side 'Submit Feedback' button.


How can I advertise on Ripped Recipes?
So you want to advertise on Ripped Recipe eh. Please get in touch at moc.sepicerdeppir@troppus with more information on what your looking to advertise, the length and location you would like the ad to appear on. We can provide statistical information if requested.

General Questions

How does the site work? was developed to help people in all areas and levels of fitness find nutritious meals that are within their individual macronutrient (Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat) needs and dietary preferences (Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, etc...). Anyone is welcome to submit their own recipes to, upon submission all of the nutritional information is automatically calculated, the recipe categorized and then indexed by the site, allowing the recipe to be searched and filtered by the rest of the community. We encourage users to comment on each others recipes, make suggestions on how to make it tastier and healthier and share it with the world.
How do you search for recipes?
When you visit Ripped Recipes you are presented with 4 sliders (Calories, Carbohydrates, Protien, Fat), each with 2 knobs, the knobs represent low and high values. This allows you to search for recipes within specific ranges that meet your needs. For example, you can set the sliders to find a recipe between 400-500 calories and with 20-30g of protein simply by moving the sliders around. Once you've got the search results you want, you can further filter the search by selecting Prep Time, Cook Time, Meal Type, Requiring Pictures and Dietary Preferences.
How can I submit feedback?
Submitting feedback is easy as pie! If you take a look at the top right area of every page, you will see a red box labeled 'Questions, Bugs & Feedback'. Click on this and large box from the top of the screen will slide down, now you can enter your feedback and bugs into the white text box and then click submit. We receive them directly and review them almost daily :)
I want my recipe removed
Are you looking to remove a recipe of yours because of an error? If so please refer to the next question, otherwise, you can use the feedback tool (make sure to enter your email in) OR email us at moc.sepicerdeppir@troppus with the recipe link and your reason why you want it removed.
I made a mistake when submitting my recipe
Don't fret! Just login to RR with the account you submitted the recipe with, then navigate to your recipe link (it will be listed in your profile too), then at the top right you should see a big 'EDIT' button, click it and edit away :)

Meal Planner

How do you use the automated meal planner?
To use the Automated Meal Planner, you'll want to select your Daily macronutrient needs, it's the same idea as when searching for recipes, but with your daily requirements. Once you select that ranges that you want, meal plans will be returned that fall within those ranges. Each meal plan is meant to be a days worth of food, if you don't like a certain recipe just click the exclude button on the picture of that recipe and all meal plans containing that recipe will be removed from the result. Like wise, if you see a recipe you really like, click the lock button the image and only meal plans having that recipe will remain in the results. To view any of the recipes, click the view button. The Automated Meal Planner takes all of the recipes (that have pictures) from the site and builds every possible combination of them into meal plans of 3 recipes (more meals per plan coming soon!). This means the more recipes people submit, the bigger the selection of meals plans will become.
I want to request a feature on the meal planner, but how?
We ususally get tons of requests for features but sometimes they are specialized to specific people, however if we get enough requests we'll certainly look into adding it in. If you have a feature you want to see on the meal planner, please email us at moc.sepicerdeppir@troppus OR use the Feedback option to the left of your screen!

Submitting Recipes

Getting Started Note
To submit a recipe, click the black Submit button at the top right of the site or click here (you will need to log in). Once your at the submission page, please follow the four steps below.
Step 1: Recipe Information
You'll need to enter in a title and description for your recipe here. You'll also want to select an appropriate Meal Type, if your not sure or don't believe it is specific to a Meal Type, just select Generic Meal. You'll also need to select any applicable Diet Types, hold ctrl + click to select multiple diets (it's not a requirement to select one). Lastly you'll need to put in how many servings your recipe makes, this is very important as it's used in the nutrition calculation.
Step 2: Recipe Details
Enter in the recipe Preparation Time, Cooking Time and select a picture to upload of your recipe (please, only pictures you yourself have taken) and then enter in your directions, please make them concise and detailed.
Step 3: Searching for Ingredients
This is the part that really counts towards the nutrition calculation. Your going to build your recipe ingredient by ingredient. Start with your first ingredient (let's say ketchup), your going to put in ketchup and click "Find". Your now going to get many results of all the different brans and types of Ketchup, be sure to select the Brand of Ketchup your recipe calls for, or an equivalent brand that has the same nutritional values (You can see a preview of the nutrition values and serving size by hovering over the items). Once you've found your specific ketchup, click it to add it to Step 4. Repeat this process until you've got all of your ingredients selected.
Step 4: Selected Ingredients
Now that you've got all your ingredients selected, you need to select the quantities of each. Click the drop down to see the available serving sizes, sometimes certain ingredients will only have one (for example grams), in that case you may need to do some conversions if your serving size is kilograms etc... Once you've selected the serving size and quantity, click Submit and your recipe will be submitted for review. So long as it's not copied from another site, and is a quality recipe it will be approved shortly.
My ingredient isn't in your database?
Awesome, you've found an ingredient we don't yet have in your database. Soon we will allow you to add custom ingredients into our database, but for right now please get in touch at this email (moc.sepicerdeppir@troppus) with your new ingredient and we'll get it added to the database asap for you.

The Blog

I want to guest post, but how?
So you want to be a guest poster eh? No problem, shoot us an email with some more information on what your looking to guest post and we'll see what we can do! Give us a shout at moc.sepicerdeppir@troppus