Five Spice Maple Glazed Chicken Wrap With Sweet Potato and Maple Cream

  • U Serves 1 Person
  • P Prep: 10:00
  • P Cook: 00:25
Five Spice Maple Glazed Chicken Wrap With Sweet Potato and Maple Cream

Nutritional Facts

per 1 serving size (Recipe makes 1 servings)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 379

Calories from Fat 94

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 10.43


Saturated Fat 3.77


Polyunsaturated Fat 1.30

Monounsaturated Fat 2.27

Cholesterol 67.50


Sodium 980.20


Potassium 584.90

Total Carbohydrate 34.30


Dietary Fiber 9.42


Sugars 8.71

Protein 36.57

Vitamin A 1.80%

Vitamin C 25.10%

Calcium 13.30%

Iron 20.60%

* Nutritional Values are estimated and may vary

³ Description

This wrap has so many delicious flavors hitting your taste buds at once.The sweet maple cream, pairs perfectly with the spicy, pungent flavors of the 5-spice powder. Healthy AND satisfying for lunch or dinner!

² Ingredients

  •  5 oz, raw (yield after cooking, bone removed) Chicken Breast
  •  1 small Baked Sweetpotato (Peel Eaten, Fat Not Added in Cooking)
  •  0.3 cup Cilantro
  •  1 serving (serving = 1 tortilla) Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Tortillas
  •  0.12 cup (8 fl oz) Water
  •  0.625 serving (serving = 1/4 cup) Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Syrup
  •  4 serving (serving = 1/4 tsp) The Spice Hunter Chinese Five Spice Blend
  •  0.3 serving (serving = 1 container) Fage Total Greek Yogurt Plain

q Directions

1. Preheat oven to 400 F. Cut a small sweet potato into 1/2" thick slices. Place on a cooking pan sprayed with cooking spray. Bake about 25-30 minutes, or until soft.

2. Meanwhile, wash chicken and pat dry. If the cutlets are thick, slice in half lengthwise or pound thin (about 1/2 inch).

2. Rub the five spice powder on both sides of the chicken.

3. Combine 2 tablespoons of the sugar free syrup and the water in a small bowl. Set aside.

3. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Coat with cooking spray. Add the chicken and cook 3-4 minutes. Flip chicken and cook on the other side about 3 more minutes or until almost cooked through. Lower heat and add syrup mixture. Allow to simmer and reduce, about 5 minutes.

4. Remove from pan. Slice and set aside (save one piece for another meal).

5. Mix together the Greek yogurt and remaining 1/2 tablespoon of the sugar-free syrup to make the maple cream.

6. Assemble your wrap using one chicken breast, the sweet potato, and as much cilantro as you like. Top with maple cream and roll up. Party in your mouth.

Recipe Provided by @adena86

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