Cocao Chip Pumpkin Spice Cake

  • U Serves 5 People
  • P Prep: 00:07
  • P Cook: 00:20
Cocao Chip Pumpkin Spice Cake

Nutritional Facts

per 1 serving size (Recipe makes 5 servings)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 122

Calories from Fat 36

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 3.96


Saturated Fat 2.82


Polyunsaturated Fat 0.16

Monounsaturated Fat 0.43

Cholesterol 43.40


Sodium 230.20


Potassium 112.55

Total Carbohydrate 7.71


Dietary Fiber 1.61


Sugars 5.94

Protein 13.57

Vitamin A 60.90%

Vitamin C 0.90%

Calcium 56.25%

Iron 3.56%

* Nutritional Values are estimated and may vary

³ Description

A light, flour less Protein Pumpkin Spice cake filled with vegan cocao (carob) chips and a hint of cinnamon. Can be topped with nut butter, icing, or spreads!

² Ingredients


q Directions

***I used Pumpkin Spice flavored protein powder from About Time***

Mix all ingredients into a medium mixing bowl. Start with all the dry ingredients and then mixing in the wet ingredients. Finish by gently mixing in the cocao chips.

Spray a mini-bread pan with non-stick spray. fill with batter, and cook for 20 minutes on 325F (or until cooked through, cake should bounce back when touched, or you can use a toothpick to check).

Take out and let cool for at least 5 minutes before serving,

Recipe Provided by @chelsea_lifts

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