Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs

  • U Serves 8 People
  • P Prep: 00:10
  • P Cook: 00:50
Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs

Nutritional Facts

per 1 serving size (Recipe makes 8 servings)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 196

Calories from Fat 87

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 9.72


Saturated Fat 2.71


Polyunsaturated Fat 2.18

Monounsaturated Fat 3.83

Cholesterol 57.00


Sodium 891.06


Potassium 178.25

Total Carbohydrate 10.21


Dietary Fiber 0.76


Sugars 8.70

Protein 15.73

Vitamin A 4.94%

Vitamin C 1.38%

Calcium 2.25%

Iron 8.31%

* Nutritional Values are estimated and may vary

³ Description

This is a super simple, yet delicious way to cook my favorite piece of the chicken. The chicken thighs are packed with flavor, a lot more than a chicken breast. The thighs can come de-boned and skinned, I prefer the bone-in(haha) and with the skin-on. The honey mustard glaze is super easy, just equal parts honey and spicy brown mustard or you can use dijon. Depending on your amount of chicken you plan on cooking, just go with your judgement on how much honey mustard to make.

² Ingredients

  •  2 tsp Salt
  •  2 tbsp Black Pepper
  •  8 medium thigh (yield after cooking, bone removed) Chicken Thigh
  •  8 serving (serving = 1 tsp) Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard
  •  4 tbsp Honey
  •  2 tsp Sage (Ground)
  •  2 tsp Chili Powder
  •  1/2 tsp Red or Cayenne Pepper

q Directions

heat oven to 400 degrees F
place thighs skin side down, season with salt, pepper, sage, chili and cayenne to taste
cover with half of the honey-mustard mix
bake for 30 mins.
flip thighs, season with salt, pepper, sage, chili and cayenne to taste
cover with the rest of the honey-mustard mixture
cook for 30-45 mins more(I took them out when the skin was crispy and caramelized)

Recipe Provided by @WhatWouldJohnMackEat

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