Chocolate Raspberry Crepes

  • U Serves 1 Person
  • P Prep: 00:05
  • P Cook: 00:03
Chocolate Raspberry Crepes

Nutritional Facts

per 1 serving size (Recipe makes 1 servings)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 329

Calories from Fat 44

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 4.88


Saturated Fat 1.38


Polyunsaturated Fat 1.28

Monounsaturated Fat 1.53

Cholesterol 10.00


Sodium 737.75


Potassium 614.13

Total Carbohydrate 48.73


Dietary Fiber 11.85


Sugars 9.17

Protein 25.86

Vitamin A 12.50%

Vitamin C 39.50%

Calcium 25.00%

Iron 22.00%

* Nutritional Values are estimated and may vary

³ Description

A quick and easy breakfast or dessert for when you're craving something sweet!

² Ingredients


q Directions

Crepe Ingredients
1/2 cup oats ground into flour
6 tbs liquid egg whites (or 2 egg whites)
1 tbs applesauce
2 tbs cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanilla
Stevia to taste

Filling Ingredients
2 oz fat free cream cheese
Stevia to taste
1/2 cup raspberries

Heat a small, greased pan to medium low heat. Mix all crepe ingredients together. Pour a dollop of the batter in the center of the pan and swirl to spread evenly. Cook for about 30 seconds and flip. Cook for another 10 seconds then repeat process for the other crepe(s). After you have finished cooking the crepes, mix softened cream cheese with stevia to taste. Spread mixture evenly on each crepe then place raspberries in the center. Roll up the crepes and top with walden farms chocolate syrup, or other toppings of choice.

Recipe Provided by @carissabelcher

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