Crispy Parmesan Fitness Chicken

  • U Serves 1 Person
  • P Prep: 00:04
  • P Cook: 00:26
Crispy Parmesan Fitness Chicken

Nutritional Facts

per 1 serving size (Recipe makes 1 servings)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 408

Calories from Fat 138

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 15.36


Saturated Fat 5.24


Polyunsaturated Fat 2.83

Monounsaturated Fat 5.66

Cholesterol 143.35


Sodium 959.95


Potassium 473.30

Total Carbohydrate 7.34


Dietary Fiber 0.80


Sugars 3.91

Protein 57.71

Vitamin A 4.40%

Vitamin C 4.00%

Calcium 21.95%

Iron 12.10%

* Nutritional Values are estimated and may vary

³ Description

Quick and easy flavoursome chicken enhancer!! Doooo ittt, make it!

² Ingredients


q Directions

Flatten the chicken breast out to an even thin consistency
mix all other ingredients together
brush on the mixture on both sides of the chicken breast
place in preheated oven at 180c for 25-30mins and optional but tasty, turn the top grill on for a couple mins to crisp it up

Recipe Provided by @thedietkitchen

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